We Deserve Better

We deserve better from our government.  Our President and his allies in Harrisburg have shown nothing but contempt for the values that we hold dear.  We need a new breed of politician who will offer commonsense and just alternatives to the false promises of our current President and his party.  

As our local party's influence has declined statewide, too many of our politicians have shifted to playing defense and have allowed our city to be pushed onto its heels.  It's time to switch to offense and fight back!

I want you to dream big and think big with me.  It won't be easy or fast, but we cannot allow our country to continue to be turned around.  We must build a government that works for all of us.

I believe:

  • Every child is entitled to a quality public education that doesn't vary from zip code to zip code and school district to school district.

  • The solution to our education crisis isn't more charter schools -- it's to reverse Pennsylvania's racially and economically based inequitable funding system which gives less resources to poorer districts than it does to richer and whiter ones.

  • Healthcare is a human right and we each deserve quality and affordable care.

  • Every person is entitled to a living wage job.  In a country as rich as ours, it is unacceptable that over one in three children in Philadelphia live in poverty.

  • All of us -- regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation -- have a right to equal pay and a workplace free of discrimination and harassment.

  • The war on drugs has been a failure and must be radically altered.  Substance abuse must be approached as a treatable medical condition and resources must be directed away from criminal enforcement to evidence based treatment programs.

  • We must restore justice to the criminal justice system.  Cash bail, the death penalty, stop and frisk, racial profiling and other injustices must be eliminated and replaced with evidence-based alternatives rooted in principles of restorative justice.

  • Gun violence is a plague and we need to fight back starting with commonsense reforms like required reporting of lost or stolen firearms and closing of loopholes in our Commonwealth’s background check laws.

  • Pennsylvania must adopt progressive taxation and abandon its current system where the poorest pay a tax rate three times higher than the richest.

  • Climate change is real and corporations must be held responsible for the pollution they create.

  • Investing in green jobs not only protects our health; it is a path to create jobs and lift our city out of poverty.

  • Harrisburg has no right to interfere with Philadelphia's status as a sanctuary city and our decision to fight back against our government's unjust war on immigrants.

  • Our government must invest in affordable childcare and pre-K programs.  Not only do these investments return over five dollars in direct economic benefits for every dollar invested, they lead to more productive, healthier and happier children and families.

If you agree with the above, please stand up with me and help me fight back.