Fighting for Quality Education for All

Jeff believes that every child has a right to a strong public education and that the quality of that education shouldn't vary from zip code to zip code or township to township.  Unfortunately, in Pennsylvania the reality is the opposite.  As a parent of three young children, Jeff will fight to ensure that every child receives a quality education.

  • Jeff will fight for funding for early education and pre-k programs.  With two children of his own in daycare, Jeff knows how expensive it can be.  And yet study after study shows the value of quality early education with it returning over $5 in direct economic benefits for every $1 invested. Providing all children with quality early care doesn’t just make economic sense, it also leads to lower rates of crime and better success in later grades while also letting parents — and in particular single parents — return to work.

  • Jeff will fight for fair funding for every school.  According to President Obama's Department of Education, Pennsylvania has the most unfair system of school funding in the country.  In no other state than Pennsylvania do children from poorer and less white districts receive so fewer dollars in per pupil funding than those in richer and whiter districts.  This is unacceptable and Jeff will fight to ensure that the Commonwealth lives up to its promise in our state constitution to provide a "thorough and efficient education" for all of its children.

  • Jeff will protect the public school system.  Although Jeff believes that there is a place for some charter schools in the public school system, he rejects the idea that charter schools and privatization are the key to fixing our schools.  Jeff will fight for reforms to improve transparency and to hold charter schools accountable to the same standards as traditional public schools.

  • Jeff will fight to reverse years of cuts to higher education spending.  Both our city and state have some of the finest institutions of higher education in the country -- and yet so few of us can afford to enroll in them.  Over the last few decades, our government has slashed spending on higher education to the point that Pennsylvania now ranks 46th out of all states in per capita spending on it.  Jeff will fight to restore funding for higher education with the goal of providing free access to community college for all Pennsylvanians.

  • Jeff will fight to restore control of the Parking Authority to the City of Philadelphia and to hold it accountable to its core mission to provide funding for Philadelphia public schools.  Despite years of promises to do better, the Philadelphia Parking Authority continues to fail to deliver projected funds to Philadelphia schools.  After countless scandals and skyrocketing administrative costs, Jeff will fight to return the Philadelphia Parking Authority to local control so that it can fulfill its mission of raising funds for education -- and not merely serving as a source of patronage jobs for the politically connected.