Restoring Fairness to Our Elections

Jeff believes that campaigns should be funded by people and that politicians should represent the interests of their constituents -- not their donors.  Unfortunately, this is not the case in our state.  Campaigns are overwhelmingly funded by corporations and special interests while our voting districts have been sliced, diced, and gerrymandered to deprive voters of real choice.

  • Jeff will fight for gerrymandering reforms including the creation of an independent panel to draw district boundaries for both state and federal elections.

  • Jeff will fight for voting rights.  Jeff believes that Pennsylvanians shouldn't have to jump through hoops to cast their votes.  Jeff will fight any effort to disenfranchise voters and supports methods for increasing access to voting including expansion of absentee voting and adoption of early voting.

  • Jeff will fight for campaign finance reform.  In Pennsylvania, there is no limit to the amount of money that a candidate may raise from either individuals or PACs.  This allows special interests to wield inordinate power over our politicians.  Jeff supports hard limits on all types of contributions and has vowed to refuse any contributions to his campaign from corporate PACs.